Parliament and State Assemblies to go paperless next year


Indian parliament and 31 state legislatures are going to be completely paperless next year.

In total, more than 5,300 MPs and MLAs will be using digital technologies saving paper and time both.

National E-Vidhan or NeVa, a Ministry of Paramilitary Affairs project is working in this direction. It will include submission of notice by a member for asking a question, its acceptance, relevant correspondence with the concerned ministry, and receipt and processing of the information.

parliamentMore than 2 lakh questions are asked every year in the Parliament as well as the State Assemblies. Together, they make 500 committee reports and generate 1,700 bills in a year. Not only this, more than 10,000 papers are tabled and more than 25,000 notices are also given each year.

The NeVa project will make all these activities paperless. Next year, members will be able to submit their submit their questions through mobile phones and the reply will also be made available to them on their phones.

These questions will also be available to general public as well. Rs 740 crore on making each and every legislature in the country completely paperless and the expenditure will be shared by the State as well as the Central Government.

Himachal Pradesh is already implementing this NeVa project.