Noida Authority empanels six companies for waste management

As many as six companies have been empanelled by Noida Authority on Tuesday. The companies will deploy three different technologies for waste management of the city.

One of the techniques is installation of Biomethanation Plant, which would produce gas which would be further converted into LPG or CNG for utilising in kitchen or cars. As many as 10 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) have given approval for setting up this plant.

Two companies have been empanelled for working on organic waste composting. Within this technique, waste materials would be treated through machines. Four companies have been finalised for installing the Biomethanation Plant which would manage the waste of approximately 1,000 families.

One company has been selected for treating waste through Drum Composting method, which is considered to be the most cost effective and convenient way of waste management.

As per reports, the Noida Authority will provide upto 75 percent subsidy in the waste management expenditures to be borne by the companies. The subsidy percentage would depend upon various factors.

According to the Authority, the companies would endeavour to manage the waste at the source of its generation.

Noida Authority would also deploy segregated dry and waste collection from July 1 onwards. The Authority explained the segregation methodology with the RWAs on the meeting held on Tuesday.

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