Subex and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe sign deal to deploy Analytics Centre of Trust

Subex, a telecom analytics solution provider has won a deal with Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (EWZ), a Zimbabwe based telecom operator to deploy its Analytics Centre of Trust (ACT) offering. According to Subex, Econet will be able to transform into an independent data driven organisation, thereby improving operational efficiency.

Upon the finalisation of the deal, Vinod Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Subex says, “Subex has been a pioneer in the telecom analytics domain, and we are delighted to extend our ACT solution to Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. Our expertise in handling large volumes of data to derive digital insights significantly helps our customers in both strategic and operational aspects of their business. This win with Econet allows us to increase footprint for our Analytics solution, which is an important part in our growth strategy towards being the leaders in Digital Trust.”

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Through the deployment of ACT, Econet will be able to optimise its day-to-day operations and employ predictive & prescriptive analytics in areas such as Customer 360, Product Optimisation and Cell-Site intelligence.

Econet Wireless aims to improve their operational efficiency by leveraging their data to make business decisions. To enable this, Subex was selected based on its expertise in implementing an analytics solution across business cases around Customer, Technology, Product, Sales & Distribution, Risk and Revenue.

Subex mentions that its ‘Man + Machine’ model will provide Econet the flexibility to shift from one focus area to another and make accurate business decisions faster. ACT will also help Econet build intelligence to analyse performance of products, identify new products, and explore areas where consumption can be increased. The deployment will also help Econet identify potential sites for 4G upgrades, identify critical and competitive zones based on customer segmentation and deliver many other additional benefits.

Douglas Mboweni, CEO, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Group says, “Econet’s focus is to continue being Zimbabwe’s preferred telecommunications provider, which will be achieved only by evolving into a stronger and future-ready organization. The analytical support from Subex will give impetus to Econet’s strategic expansion. This partnership will further improve the telecom sector in Zimbabwe and reinforce our ability to tap into the power of our services and make demonstrable difference in many areas of our customers’ lives.”

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