Panaji Smart City CEO assures Quality Road Infrastructure amidst construction challenges

Panaji Smart City

The CEO of Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd (IPSCDL), Sanjit Rodrigues, reassured the public on Monday of the Smart City Mission’s commitment to ensuring top-notch construction and maintenance standards for roads under its purview. Rodrigues emphasised the implementation of a stringent ten-year maintenance contract for roads and pledged that maintenance activities would incur no additional costs for the government.

Addressing concerns about construction quality, Rodrigues highlighted recent instances of rigorous quality control, noting a 140-meter road segment near Madhuban circle that was redone at the contractor’s expense due to substandard workmanship.

“We are vigilant about the quality of every road stretch laid,” stated Rodrigues, highlighting the ongoing monitoring and commitment to rectify any issues promptly.

Regarding upcoming projects, Rodrigues mentioned the evaluation process for commencing roadwork along the Four Pillars to Old Patto bridge stretch, contingent upon the contractor’s performance on the St Inez stretch.

Rodrigues also provided updates on ongoing infrastructure projects, including the completion timeline for sewerage works in Fontainhas and Mala areas. He reported significant progress in manhole construction, with completion rates reaching 76% as of Monday.

However, challenges persisted, notably a natural gas pipeline damage incident in St Inez during construction work. Rodrigues assured that measures were in place to mitigate the situation, including the deployment of a gas safety engineer to address leaks and prevent accidents.

The IPSCDL CEO’s statements underscored the organisation’s dedication to upholding construction standards and ensuring the safety and quality of infrastructure projects within the Smart City framework.