IPSCDL Reports 90% Of Ribandar’s Smart City Projects Are Complete

Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd

Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL) has proudly announced that it has completed over 90% of the infrastructure projects slated under the Smart City Mission in Ribandar, Panaji. A senior IPSCDL official reported that significant strides have been made in the Ribandar infrastructure projects, with individual completion percentages ranging between 75% and 95%. This marks a critical phase in transforming Ribandar into a sustainable urban centre, aligning with the goals of the Smart City initiative. The team is committed to finishing the remaining tasks promptly within the set deadlines.

Under the ‘Development of Smart Ribandar with operations and maintenance of selected facilities’ initiative, significant infrastructural enhancements are being executed by a contractor appointed by the Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Ltd. (IPSCDL). This comprehensive project involves the installation of an extensive network of new sewerage and drainage systems designed to uplift sanitation standards throughout Ribandar substantially. Implementing these systems is pivotal in promoting the area’s public health and environmental cleanliness.

The development blueprint includes a major upgrade of Ribandar’s internal roadways through bituminisation, providing smoother and more durable road surfaces. This enhancement aims to improve vehicular access and safety, benefitting all road users. The project also focuses on improving pedestrian infrastructure by constructing new footpaths equipped with kerbs. These improvements are intended to make walking a safer and more pleasant experience for residents and visitors alike, encouraging foot traffic and supporting local businesses. These developments are integral to Ribandar’s transformation into a smarter and more sustainable urban area, aligning with broader Smart City objectives to enhance urban life through thoughtful and progressive infrastructure upgrades.

The official further highlighted that the success of these projects reflects a collaborative effort towards realising the Smart City vision in Ribandar. It underscores the importance of innovative and cooperative approaches in urban development. With an investment of approximately Rs 690 million, the IPSCDL is set on enriching Ribandar with modern, efficient infrastructure that promises to enhance the quality of life for its residents.