Commencement of the third phase of the Karna Canal remodelling marks progress in the Smart City Project

Karna Canal

The Irrigation Department is preparing to initiate the third phase of renovating the Karna Canal, a significant waterway traversing the city from National Highway-44 to the augmentation canal. Authorities have outlined that the project aims to enhance the canal’s infrastructure by installing paver blocks along the pathway and reinforcing the side slopes with brick lining. They assert that these measures will not only improve the canal’s aesthetic appeal but also bolster its longevity, mitigate erosion, and facilitate access for visitors, thereby establishing a direct route between NH-44 and Meerut Road for commuters.

This endeavour falls under the purview of the Karnal Smart City project, with an estimated budget of Rs 20 crore allocated for its execution. Karnal Smart City Ltd. (KSCL) has disbursed the necessary funds for the project, with a completion deadline set for June 30, 2024, according to Ramphal, GM of KSCL. The project is divided into two phases, with the first phase slated to begin shortly between Heritage Lawn Road and the augmentation canal, while the second phase, spanning from NH-44 to Heritage Lawn Road, awaits approval from higher authorities, as stated by Navtej Singh, XEN of the Irrigation Department. Singh underscored the significance of the project, emphasizing its dual aim of fortifying infrastructure and enhancing aesthetic appeal.

Formerly known as the Mughal Canal, the waterway was recently renamed Karna Canal by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. The completion of the first phase, extending from Fountain Park to Choudhary Ranbir Hooda Chowk, saw the construction of markets on both sides. The second phase entailed covering the canal section from Choudhary Ranbir Hooda Chowk to NH-44 and establishing a vegetable market along it.

Officials attributed this initiative to residents’ complaints about the canal’s unsightly appearance and foul odour. They stressed the necessity of cleaning before the monsoon season to ensure unimpeded rainwater flow. Renu Bala Gupta, the outgoing Mayor, affirmed that the third phase’s development would address various resident concerns and contribute to a better living environment in the vicinity.