Kerala: Smart City project in its third phase to give the city a facelift

The Smart City project of the Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is in its third phase. For the past one year, the authorities have been working on 44 projects as part of the Smart City project plan including the Palayam market redevelopment, slum development, waste management, laying of smart roads and eco-friendly programmes.

Smart City

One of the key projects under the Smart City project is working on IT-based solutions to manage the traffic and solve the safety surveillance issue. About 885 cameras will be installed which will help in managing, monitoring the traffic and strengthening the surveillance. For this very purpose, an Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) will be launched in the city.

“We have already given administrative sanction and have also obtained a technical sanction. The installation of cameras has reached the tender stage. The technology will help the police, traffic and motor vehicles department to make quick decisions,” said Sanoop Gopikrishna, General Manager, Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Ltd. (SCTL).

“The cameras will be connected with the ICCC which will strengthen surveillance in the city,” he added.

He also mentioned that since the current cameras are not connected to any command and control centre, it gets difficult to obtain exact information during emergency situations. “The cameras which will be installed under the Smart City project will adapt according to the movement of the vehicles and will synchronise in tune with the route, making the surveillance more accurate and easy,” said Sanoop.

These cameras will be installed at about 100 junctions across the city to enhance the standard for surveillance of city traffic and ensure the safety of the citizens as well. The cameras will be fitted with the latest technology which will help in monitoring speed violation through automated number plate recognition technique.

In addition to this, the Smart City project also aims at making public spaces more elder-friendly. Three major parks in the city, namely Gandhi Park, Sreekandeswaram Park and Sree Chithira Thirunal Park have been installed with open gym equipment. The city will also come up with smart bus shelters which will include digital display boards and interactive kiosks.

The Palayam market will also be remodeled in order to accommodate about 490 vendors including fish sellers, vegetable vendors, and fruit sellers. Smart roads will have pedestrian friendly footpaths and cycle tracks. Slum development will focus on providing proper drinking water supply in identified areas and proper sanitation facilities.

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