Infrastructure Management: A cakewalk with emerging technologies

The year 2019 can foresee huge transformation in IT industry. It is expected to see various organisations define, adapt and transform their offerings from a technology-heavy design leading to service offerings with a niche in the market. Similar to how the various verticals adopted & benefitted through Cloud technologies, the focus will now all be on the tangible services” that are relevant to both individual & corporate consumers at large scale. We can expect to see new service segments being created alongside standardization of existing offerings in a highly competitive environment. The technology companies will continue to flourish based on their roles in the chain of data generation – data aggregation – data communication – data analysis – data presentation – data generation.

satish_kumarAI will be the one prime technology that is bound to evolve a lot in 2019.The special focus will be on the adoption of AI in daily lives on both personal & work front.  “Cloud” evolved at making IT consumption (be it individual or corporate) generic enough to scale & manage on the go before settling down to personalization of each consumer space among the service offerings (from IaaS to PaaS to SaaS). Each of the major CSPs is now offering services that can be adopted to specific / custom use-case scenario through flexibility on structuring / design / billing and delivery.

Similarly, AI will be all about personalizing the technology all over again in order to make service consumption seamless to consumers through their daily interactions / activities. Firstly it will be about identifying useful data among the plethora of data being generation from all kinds of sources & platforms. Then it will involve humans again for bringing in that natural factor to define the churning of data to come up with actionable Intel that will finally lead to service delivery with a touch of personalization.

(Views expressed in this article are of Satish Kumar V, CEO at EverestIMS)

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