In Noida, homebuyers can check project status online now

Noida Authority Main

It is indeed a great relief for Noida homebuyers, who have been struggling to know the status for the delivery of their projects. Now, the Noida Authority has uploaded details of all the realty projects which have been granted completion certificates in recent months on its website

The latest move aims to benefit homebuyers facing constant problems owing to late delivery of flats by builders. The Authority has updated the status of 38 projects which have been granted completion certificates between August 25, 2015 and March 10, 2016. Homeowners can now click on the link ‘property details’ on the homepage and get the required information, the Noida Authority sources said.

The move follows repeated complaints by homebuyers about their inability to procure information about the status of real estate projects in Noida.

Noida Authority Additional Chief Executive Officer PK Agarwal said: “We have been getting complaints from several homebuyers saying that the builders were misguiding them about the status of completion certificates issued by us.” “We have also received information that many builders are giving possession of property to homebuyers without the requisite completion certificates,” he added.

Agarwal also urged the homebuyers to look up details of their respective project on the website before they take possession of their property or before investing in any property. “Details include whether full completion or part completion has been granted to the developer. Where we have given only part completion, the number of units which are covered are also mentioned for the respective projects,” the Additional CEO said. “In addition to that we have also mentioned which tower and block have been granted completion. The location of the project, plot number, its sector and date of completion have also been uploaded,” Agarwal informed.