Haryana roadways to launch bus service to Ayodhya soon

Haryana Roadways

In a significant development, Haryana’s Transport Minister, Mool Chand Sharma, declared on Monday that the state government is set to launch a direct bus service to Ayodhya from Faridabad, Gurugram, and Sonepat, with operations commencing post-January 22. Addressing a gathering in Ballabgarh, Faridabad, the minister emphasised the government’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and facilitating pilgrimage to Ayodhya.

Minister Sharma went on to highlight the flexibility of the initiative, stating that if there is substantial demand from other districts, the government is prepared to extend the direct bus service to Ayodhya from those regions as well. This move is expected to not only streamline travel for residents but also foster religious tourism, aligning with the government’s broader vision for inclusive and accessible transportation services.

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With an eye on facilitating seamless travel and accommodating potential surges in demand, the Haryana government’s decision to expand the direct bus service to Ayodhya is poised to make a substantial impact on regional connectivity and tourism in the coming weeks.