HUDCO to invest 14,500 crore in Gujarat’s housing and urban infra

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO)

In a significant move towards bolstering housing and urban infrastructure development, state-owned Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO) announced on Wednesday its collaboration with the Gujarat government. The partnership involves an investment commitment of up to Rs 14,500 crore dedicated to funding various housing and urban infrastructure projects in the state.

The memorandum of understanding, officially signed between HUDCO and the State Government of Gujarat, outlines the substantial financial support aimed at facilitating the comprehensive development goals outlined by the state. Gujarat envisions a holistic growth trajectory by implementing diverse housing and infrastructure initiatives, as indicated in a regulatory filing.

HUDCO, recognized as a techno-financial institution, specializes in providing financial assistance for housing and urban development projects across the country. The newly established pact reflects a strategic alignment between HUDCO’s expertise and the state’s developmental ambitions, signaling a pivotal step towards realizing Gujarat’s overarching vision for progress.