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With a modest beginning in 1997, Zydex Industries has rapidly evolved into a multi-product, multi discipline organization catering to businesses like textiles, waterproofing, paints and sealers, roads, agriculture and industrial chemicals

Roads are the lifeline for the health & sustained growth of economy. Zydex is on its way to revolutionize the road construction, with a complete suite of nanotechnology based products which holistically provide solutions to address moisture and bonding issues related to asphalt layer, prime coat, tack coat and soil bases. The road solutions pave the way for future green roads and highways, with significantly higher moisture resistance & durability, energy savings and lower construction/maintenance costs.
Zydex Industries, a dynamic, research driven organization, is promoted by Dr. Ajay Ranka. After graduating as a Chemical Engineer, Dr Ranka completed his doctorate (Ph. D.) in Polymer Science in the USA. He has to his credit many US, European and Indian Patents. Under his dynamic leadership, Zydex is poised for leading a global revolution in the areas of road infrastructure & rural development, using nanotechnology. It is an Indian company that has been working on state-of the-art nanotechnology that gives all-season, pothole-free roads, ensuring faster transportation to people and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Dr Ajay Ishwarlal Ranka,
Chief Executive Officer, Zydex Industries

Zydex has developed waterproofing products for soil, concrete, stones, bricks & all siliceous substrates. For road construction, Zydex offers a chemically reactive anti-strip nanotechnology for durable roads. It reacts with aggregates to form ‘asphalt-loving’ non-polar hydrophobic aggregate surfaces at HMA processing temperatures. It eliminates de-bonding of asphalt mixes caused due to inadequate and incomplete coating, coupled with moisture ingress, to enhance durability of asphalt pavements.

Business Challenges
Bulk of pavement deterioration is due to moisture ingress. Water ingress in to soil bases causes undulations and cracking of the top pavement layers. The situation is further aggravated in cold countries, where freezethaw cycles are common. Asphalt pavements are highly susceptible to water-induced damage, mainly due to stripping. This results in raveling, potholes etc. Non-availability of good quality aggregates, need to pave in sub-optimal conditions are examples of some other challenges faced.

Innovative Solution
Research teams at Zydex Industries have developed world’s first innovative silane nanotechnology for roads. Zydex Nanotechnology ensures chemical bonding, complete coating & consistent compaction of the Asphalt layers. It offers penetrative, quick setting, waterproofed, tack free prime coat, soil stabilization & waterproofing of road bases & slopes, making roads more moisture resistant maintenance free and sustainable.
Flagship product Zycotherm, is a breakthrough nanotechnology to address de-bonding / stripping issues in bituminous layers. It chemically reacts with surface of aggregates to make them non-polar by nano modification at HMA processing temperatures and allow having excellent bonding with asphalt binder to eliminate the stripping in asphalt pavements. Zycotherm eliminates moisture / snow (salt) damage of bitumen concrete layers (60-65% cost of the road) by chemical bonding of aggregates. It neutralizes variability of aggregates and bitumen binder. It also eliminates damage due to water migration from top, sideways ingress or capillary rise. The product range comprises of: Zycotherm, Terraprime, Terrasil, Nanotac and Zycobond.

Green Future
Zydex Nanotechnology is environment friendly, as it conserves limiting resources like aggregates and bitumen. It also allows use of in-situ soils minimizing use of fuel for transporting good soils over long distances. At the time of construction it minimizes odor and fumes from the bitumen mixes making it paver friendly.

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