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As Autodesk unveiled its 2015 Design Suites in India, Souvik Goswami of Elets News Network caught up with  Sunil MK, Head  Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Division of the company, to know more about  its latest offerings

What are the unique features of Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Green Building Studio?

Sunil MK, Head - Architecture, Engineering & Construction Division, Autodesk India
Sunil MK,
Head – Architecture, Engineering
& Construction Division,Autodesk India

Autodesk Revit is specifically built for Building Information Modelling (BIM), empowering design and construction professionals to develop ideas from concept to construction stage with a coordinated and consistent model-based approach. Revit is a single application that includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering and construction. Autodesk Revit is all about having entire information in almost real time scenario. It  gives the picture of finishes and minute details of construction project at the conception stage itself. This detailed information can then be used for analysis and simulation purposes.

To me, sustainability of green means optimisation, and not just energy efficiency. If we can save even 10 percent of  the labour cost, it should be classified as green. Saving of materials is optimisation. We have to keep in mind that material is scarce. Cement and steel are all scarce materials. One just cannot afford to waste them.

In this context, Autodesk Green Building Studio plays an important role. With help of the information embedded in  the Autodesk Revit model, we take the analysis further with the help of Autodesk Green Building Studio software. It allows us to do solar study, weather simulation, helps us in calculating carbon footprint, gives alternative energy options for a particular building and much more. I may say that these software help in making early intelligent decisions for making a project sustainable and energy efficient.

How does a BIM software help developers or contractors address the issues of cost and time during construction?
In the construction industry ecosystem, things move in a different pattern compared to manufacturing or automobile industry. In case of a major automobile company, for example, they control the entire production, right from design to the manufacturing level. But in the construction industry, owners often leave the responsibility with the consultants, whose work is often fragmented. So, if delay happens, it is finally the owners who suffer. It is important or them to understand that technology can help them do the projects within given timelines and budget. Plus, use of technology can help in fixing problems at the design stage itself. The power of BIM can bring substantial benefits for the owners.

BIM software has moved to 5D and 6D levels. Please share with us the latest offerings of Autodesk.
Autodesk is the only company which offers complete solutions. We are able to do analysis right at the design stage. That can save time and cost at the construction stage. That is about 4D and 5D. We also offer the 6D technology, which is all about sustainability. Revit has the ability to work maintaining optimum time and cost. Apart from this, Autodesk also has a product called Navisworks, which helps in simula tion. One can also see whether plan and actual would be the same or not. Navisworks also helps in project man agement.

How do you see the current market scenario of BIMs in India and Autodesk’s position in the market?
We are mature players in this domain. We coined the term “BIM” in 2002. Initially we had only Revit, but later we  added other features and connected with various facility management tools. We have BIM 360, which allows one to commission the project onsite issues and challenges with regard to space, material or labour management. So, we  have successfully connected all the dots in a building’s lifecycle, and today BIM is an effective platform for all in the  construction ecosystem.

Autodesk is associated with various government projects in India. Tell us about some of them.
I believe that almost everybody associated with the building or infrastructure industry uses our products. We are actually advocating evangelizing 3D BIM, so that people can go to the next level and efficiently deliver projects. IGI Airport, Mumbai International Airport, Bangalore International Airport and other big projects have been done with the help of BIM. People are realising the benefits of BIM and 3D design.

I think government should move a step forward and take cues from countries like the UK, the US and Singapore,  and make BIM mandatory for government projects. This software can help prevent loss of money incurred in project delays. Technology will also bring more transparency and eventually fetch greater investments.

What is your vision with regard to Autodesk’s designing operations in India?
Our vision is to help our architects, engineers and consultants leapfrog to this new paradigm of design. And, doing this will not be a difficult task. Telecom, banking and many other sectors have done this successfully worldwide. They have moved ahead by almost 20-30 years through adoption of Information Technology. It is also possible in the Indian infrastructure sector. We can develop worldclass infrastructure and facilities which will prove beneficial  or our population at large.

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“ Autodesk offers a product called Navisworks, which helps in simulation and allows one to see whether plan and actual would be the same or not. Navisworks also helpful in project management ”

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