Sagar Smart City Teams Up with Bus Operators to Boost Transportation Infrastructure

Sagar Smart City

In a significant development, Sagar Collector Deepak Arya and Commissioner of Nagar Nigam Chandra Shekhar Shukla recently convened a crucial meeting with local bus operators to discuss the efficient management of bus stands within the Smart City. The primary objective of this initiative is to optimise traffic flow in the city and alleviate congestion issues, ultimately providing residents with smoother and more convenient transportation options.

As part of the plan, comprehensive bus stands are currently in the works along Bhopal road and New RTO road, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the overall passenger experience. During the meeting, officials emphasized the importance of evaluating shops and offices located at the main bus stand, Dr. Harising Gaur bus stand, and the private bus stand. This evaluation is intended to ensure that bus operators are allocated office spaces at the bus stands in compliance with established regulations.

Collector Arya and Commissioner Shukla reassured bus operators of their commitment to operating buses efficiently and providing passengers with improved amenities. In response, bus operators proposed the formation of a dedicated committee to oversee the management of these bus stands.

Under the proposed structure, Collector Arya and Commissioner Shukla will serve as the President and Secretary of the committee, respectively, while the Regional Transport Officer will also be an integral member. Additionally, representatives from the Bus Operators’ Association will join the committee to provide valuable input and insights.

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Furthermore, the Bus Operators Association put forth a request to relocate the office shops currently situated at the existing bus stand to the new facilities. They also advocated for the inclusion of a mechanic shop within the new bus stands. Collector Arya assured the bus operators that their concerns would be addressed, demonstrating the city’s commitment to enhancing its transportation infrastructure for the benefit of all residents.