Chandigarh Smart City Launches ‘BIRBAL’ Chatbot for Seamless Citizen Services

Chandigarh Smart City

Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) continues its commitment to enhancing citizen-centric services with the launch of an innovative chatbot named ‘BIRBAL.’ The Chief Executive Officer of CSCL, Anindita Mitra, unveiled this interactive chat-based interface, which consolidates major citizen services offered by the Chandigarh administration and municipal corporation into one user-friendly platform.

BIRBAL, powered by artificial intelligence, is set to revolutionise the way citizens access services and information in Chandigarh. This groundbreaking chatbot is designed to provide hassle-free services and streamline communication between citizens and government authorities.

“BIRBAL reaffirms the city’s commitment to leveraging technology to create seamless experiences for residents. Its primary objective is to provide accurate information and guide citizens toward the appropriate resources. Through BIRBAL, citizens will have access to comprehensive information on the major services offered by the UT administration and MC, making it a one-stop platform for information dissemination and grievance redressal,” said Mitra during the launch event.

The versatile chatbot can address a wide range of issues, including complaint management, citizen services, public transport services, online payment services, certificates/forms, health inquiries, suggestions, MC budget queries, property details, and fire safety certificate requests, among other facilities.

Mitra emphasised that citizens can interact with BIRBAL using keywords, predefined questions, and even voice commands. The AI chatbot incorporates advanced features such as voice assistance, live agent support, and AI-based response updates to ensure efficient and prompt service.

Furthermore, BIRBAL empowers citizens to provide suggestions and feedback directly to all services in Chandigarh, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and updates. In cases where the chatbot cannot address specific queries, a live chat option is available for citizens to engage with dedicated support operators who will promptly provide accurate information.

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Accessible through the official CSCL website and the “I’m Chandigarh” mobile app, BIRBAL has already garnered significant attention during its beta testing phase. Over 12,434 users engaged with the chatbot, resulting in approximately 32,000 messages exchanged, showcasing its potential to become an indispensable tool for residents.

Mitra concluded by highlighting the positive impact that this innovative platform will have on city residents. BIRBAL will provide easy access to information and prompt assistance, ultimately making their lives more convenient. This AI Virtual Assistant is developed using, a Generative AI-powered Conversational AI platform.