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Grundfos Indiaunveils MAGNA3Circulator Pump

Grundfos Pumps India (Grundfos India)introduced the new energy-optimizedand flexible MAGNA3 circulatorpumps. The new range pumps ensuring nomaintenance requirements are designed forcirculating liquids in heating systems, domestichot-water systems, air-conditioning andcooling systems.The pump which has already bagged severalawards on a global level for its design, innovativetechnology, sustainable features and overallefficiency; is at the forefront of smart pumptechnology, opined Gangaprasad G, Head- Commercial Building Services, GrundfosIndia.
Designed for commercialhydronic applications,MAGNA3’s variable-speedwet rotor circulation featuresa permanent magnetmotor design. The AUTOADAPT functionfurther enables to curb the power consumptionup to 85% and can automatically analyzethe heating systems, opt to optimum settingand continuously adjusts its operation as perfluctuating demands. This also features an inbuiltenergy / heat meter that not only avoidsthe need for a separate energy meter but alsomonitors the system heat energy distributionand consumption. The result is optimum comfort and minimum energy consumption.MAGNA3 is also equipped with the newFLOWADAPT control mode that reduces theneed for pump throttling valves.Additionally, wireless connectivity enableshandheld pump control and monitoringcapabilities by Grundfos GO, a mobile toolboxavailable on Apple and Android devices. TheMAGNA3 range of pumps can also be used forsolar-heating systems.

Dr Fixit introduces New Coat Ezee

Dr. Fixit, the construction and waterproofingexpert, from the house ofPidilite Ind Ltd, has launched Dr. FixitNew Coat Ezee, a two coat waterproof coatingfor bungalow terraces, without breaking theold waterproofing system of brickbat coba andmud fuska; making it a hassle-free, economicaland reliable waterproofing system.“The best practice used internationally isto coat the terrace with elastomeric coatingsand we at Pidilite have worked towards thesame,” opined Sanjay Bahadur Global CEOConstructionChemicals Division, PidiliteIndustries. He further highlighted Dr. FixitNew Coat Ezee as a revolutionary product forterrace coating and waterproofing which canprovide the end consumer with a comprehensivesolution for tackling the concerns relatedwith roofs and terraces.Dr Fixit Newcoat Ezee is an elastomericwaterproof coating that provides a seamlessand tough waterproof barrier. The productalso offers excellent crack bridging ability thatcan accommodate movements due to thermal variations in the waterproofing system. DrFixit Newcoat Ezee is a two coat system- UVresistant and needs no protective screed. WithNew Coat Ezee there is no need to dismantleor remove the existing old system which maydamage the mother slab, thus making it userfriendly and easy to apply.In addition, the product adds no extra loadon the roof slab, tough and withstands normalfoot traffic. The product ensures the potentialto be perfect solution for bungalow terraces.Pidilite Industries can be considered as one amongst the pioneers in consumer andspecialties chemicals in India. Over two-thirdof the company’s sale come from products andsegments it has pioneered in India. The companyupholds its planned and strategic marketapproach as prime pillars that has supported toevolve as a dominant player in the constructionchemical industry and a market leader inthe retail segment.While the competitiors were only focusingupon the projects, Pidilite underwent a changein its industry paradigm and forayed intothe retail segment. Pidilite through its moveensures to offer the latest available technologiesin construction chemicals. The companyhas now further enhancd its customer centricpolicies by being the first in the industry tostart an in-house Technical Services Cell,which assists customers in diagnosing theproblem and selecting the right product.Today, Dr. Fixit is exported in 20 countriesand has been launched in Thailand, UAE andSingapore through Pidilite’s wholly ownedsubsidiaries.
Key Features
• User Friendly
• UV resistant
• Two coat System
• Requires no protective screed.
• Tough and withstands normal foottraffic
• Light weight
• No extra load on the roof slab

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