Prayagraj to get makeover with wider roads under Smart City Mission

The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) has announced that under the Smart City Mission it will be developing several roads on the civil lines area, which connects Nawab Yusuf road to GT road.


These roads are currently 12-meter-wide and under the Smart City Mission, it will now be made 18-meter-wide. The dividers will also be made in order to manage the traffic well on these roads. These roads have both residential as well as commercial setups.

The authority has taken this decision, to ease the traffic on these roads that often witness traffic jams for hours because of encroachment of the shopkeepers and roadside vendors.

The authority has also marked a budget for the beautification of 11 roads. All of these roads links to the posh area of the city.

Prof HN Mishra, former head of the Department of Geography, Allahabad University and professor emeritus in town planning,”Few would know that the civil lines area of the city was amongst the first planned city area in the world and British had carefully planned this area with two main roads, running parallel to each other and a network of bisecting roads, which links the two main roads.”

Authorities have sanctioned a budget of Rs 470 Lakhs for Clive road, Rs 486 Lakhs for road in front of Vishal Megamart, Rs 653 Lakhs for Cooper rod, Rs 1217 Lakhs for Tashkant road, Rs 1144 Lakhs for Muir road, Rs 174 Lakhs for Mission road, Rs 307 Lakhs for Babu Vidyanvarishi road, Rs 434 Lakhs for Hashmipur road, Rs 347 Lakhs for Ramcharan Das road, Rs 707 Lakhs for Rajapur road, Rs 213 Lakhs for Kundan guest house road and Rs 260 Lakhs for road adjacent to Agnlpath colony of civil lines.

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