Khandal gets 25 new CCTV cameras for improved surveillance

V Sasi Mohan, Superintendent of Police, Nilgiris district, inaugurated 25 CCTV cameras installed in different locations in Khandal, from the control room at the Ooty G1 Police Station on March 13.

According to Mohan, the cameras will be helpful in preventing crimes and facilitating the detection of specific crimes. It is a fact that the areas where CCTV cameras are installed have witnessed a slump in the number of crimes, Mohan added.

Further, the SP said, “The cameras serve as a psychological deterrent which will prevent crimes from taking place and also instill more confidence among the public.” Due to complaints about petty crimes and disturbances caused by drunken people, the police installed the cameras in Khandal for surveillance.

With the area being on the outskirts of the town and with very high population density, it required more patrolling and surveillance, officials said. The CCTV cameras were purchased with the help of the local merchants’ association, and are placed so to cover the entire Khandal area, the officials said. Video feed from the cameras could be monitored from the local police station.

The SP further said that a police outpost, which was lying unused, had been revamped and police personnel would be posted at the post. Also, there are plans to extend the CCTV surveillance network to popular tourist areas, the Ooty market and the surrounding residential areas.

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