Jharkhand Tops in National Smart City Rankings, Ranchi Smart City climbs to Second Place

Ranchi Smart City

In a significant achievement showcasing its unwavering commitment to smart city initiatives, Jharkhand has secured the top position in the state-wise rankings for smart city projects across the country. The latest rankings, released by the state government, highlight the remarkable progress made by the Ranchi Smart City, which has soared from the 4th position in the previous year’s rankings to secure the impressive 2nd position in the live ranking of 100 smart cities across India.

According to official reports, the Ranchi Smart City had previously ranked 12th in 2021 and advanced to the 4th spot in 2022. This year’s remarkable leap to the second position underscores Jharkhand’s consistent dedication to smart city development.

The state’s success can be attributed to its comprehensive efforts across various parameters, including the efficient completion of Smart City Mission development work, prudent fund utilization, and the initiation of initiatives like ‘India Cycle for Change and Transport for All.’ These efforts have resulted in Jharkhand achieving an outstanding score of 324.48 out of a maximum of 350 points during the competition.

One of the notable achievements in Ranchi’s smart city development is the ongoing infrastructure work in the Dhurwa area, which is nearing completion. In multiple phases, the city has successfully auctioned substantial plots for residential, mixed-use, institutional, healthcare, public, and semi-public purposes. The fourth phase auction is currently underway, further contributing to the city’s progress.

Amit Kumar, the CEO of the Ranchi Smart City Limited, expressed immense pride in the world-class quality of development work being undertaken and emphasized the commitment to initiate further construction projects promptly. He stated, “The Ranchi Smart City Limited is executing development work of unparalleled quality, aiming to commence construction promptly on the recently auctioned plots. Our dedication is directed towards ensuring that the construction process on these plots begins as soon as possible.”
Kumar also acknowledged the leadership of Chief Minister Hemant Soren and the Departmental Secretary of the Urban Development and Housing Department, Vinay Kumar Choubey, in driving the smart city’s development initiatives forward.

Notably, the command and control center of the project was completed in 2021 and is fully operational, benefiting city residents with features such as traffic management and monitoring. The CEO highlighted the center’s role in issuing e-challans to approximately 3,000 traffic rule violators daily, supporting the Ranchi Police in maintaining order on the roads.

As the smart city project nears completion, Ranchi Smart City is in the final stages of infrastructure development, including the state-funded urban civic tower project and the Ranchi Smart City ABD Area project, encompassing 656 acres of land, Kumar added.