Hyderabad IT zone home to illegal residential complexes!

Illegal HomesThe Hyderabad’s IT zone has now become a fast growing hub for illegal residential complexes, says a report, and the main reason being cheaper prices and confidence of no official action.

According to a report, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GMHC) record shows that only 60 ongoing illegal constructions have been demolished in the west zone since the process of receiving applications for BPS (Building Penalization Scheme) and LRS (Layout Regularisation Scheme) was completed in March this year. The existing number of such projects runs into lakhs.

The people living in the illegal house are very much confident that their  construction will not be demolished and they would handle any kind of legal hurdles coming in the way. The owners also encourage buyers to buy their houses without any fear of being regulated and assure that the project will be regularize very soon, says the report.

The urban planning experts say that an illegal construction saves money both for the builder and the buyer. While the builder cuts corners, the buyer gets the apartment or building for a price that is slightly lower than the prevailing market value. Even in cases where the buyer discovers it is an illegal construction after paying the amount, there isn’t much to be done as most builders are well-connected and can even go to the extent of using muscle power to silence the buyer.

According to a real estate consultant, illegal constructions are a flourishing business, especially in the West Zone. Buyers and builders have now become confident that they will legalise the building either by paying a bribe to the municipal level inspectors or the state government will roll out another round of BPS and LRS applications.

While accepting the growth in illegal occupancies, the GHMC planners refer to a pending proposal, which once in effect,  would drastically reduce the number of people buying or renting such houses.

As per the report, about three months ago, the planners submitted a proposal to the state government to make amendments to the Registration Act. Once that happens, it may not be as easy for illegal constructions to thrive in the city as all documents, including approval certificates issued by the municipal corporation, will need to be submitted by an individual. However, since this requires an act to be amended, it could be a while before it comes into effect. It has already been done in Tamil Nadu.


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