IGI security check to become solace

IGIThe end of this year will see a new automated tray return system, that is likely to reduce the time during verification at security check at IGI. It was tested last year on the pilot basis at T3 and was successful so by this year’s end authority decided to execute it in a phased manner.    

Automated rollers will be employed to take the trays through the security check, that will probably require less human intervention. After this, the trays are likely to come back to starting point where items are collected by passengers.

According to a source at IGI, “This technology was already in use in abroad and has delivered the positive outcome by being passenger friendly. This technology was put on the trial basis for eight days and it minimized both the waiting time and congregated created by manual system. By the end of this year, we have decided to implement it at the airport in a phased manner.”

The source added, “With the current system the processing of around 180 passengers is accomplished in an hour, the new machine can raise the number to 500 passengers each hour.”  

DIAL CEO Videh Jaipuriar said, “This technology is an important step towards transforming airport into user friendly location.”

The areas selected by authority to deploy are the T3 domestic departure pre-embarkation security check area, T3 domestic to international transfer area, T3 domestic transfer area, T1 departures and the T1 transfers area.

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