Hyderabad Metro: Transforming the City

Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing Hyderabad Metro Rail Project on a Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) format under the PPP mode

metroOne of the world’s largest PPP projects in the Metro sector, the Hyderabad Metro project involves construction of around 72 km of elevated metro rail in three corridors crisscrossing the city of Hyderabad. Eco-friendly elevated metro stations will be located at intervals of roughly a kilometre. The project is scheduled to complete by 2017. Once completed, the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project will transform Hyderabad into one of India’s most preferred cities, with integrated urban transport planning using inter-modal connectivity and convenient sky-walks, which will mark the beginning of an era of seamless commuting in India.

Salient Features
The project is designed for an eco-friendly mode of travel – reduces carbon emission, fuel consumption and pollution. It aims to make travel within the city faster, safer and comfortable air conditioned travel with reduced travel time. High frequency of trains with ultra-modern coaches promises seamless commuting with reduced waiting time for passengers. The routes have been design to connect major offices, retail and residential areas across the city. Inclusion of user-friendly elevated world-class stations with lifts, staircases and facilities for the disabled is a unique feature of the metro project. Parking facility at strategic locations along the route, automatic ticket vending machines and automatic fare collection system, feeder buses to stations from different areas of the city and commuter-friendly shopping facilities at the concourse level at stations are additional features of the Hyderbad metro rail project.

Construction Plan

Open New Vistas
Improving infrastructure is the key to India’s growth and development. Public Transport in a densely populated country like India is often complex and has to operate within framework of strict rules and regulations laid by the Government. Any successful model in public transport is a significant achievement. Hyderabad Metro Rail Project is definitely one such unique PPP model that would set an example to the world and boost the economy of the country. Better infrastructure always attracts investors globally.
Cities are modern day nerve centers of growth. They are magnets for capital and large, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic groups of people. Cities can generate an energy that can transform communities and accelerate the pace of progress. Metros as Mass Rapid Transport Systems (MRTS) are enablers that help cities to realize their full potential for growth and development.
Efficient project execution and O&M strategies in developing world class metro railway networks, employment generation and skill development are significant features of this model, resulting in overall economic development.

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