Cisco to help Telangana in digital transformation

news-3Networking giant Cisco and Telangana government has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on September 15, 2016, to start digital transformation of India’s youngest state. Under this MoU, Cisco will implement multiple projects including Digital Zone in smart city project in Hyderabad,a centre of excellence, Internet of things (IoT) innovation hub and a Living Lab among other things here.

Under the Digital Zone project, Cisco will deploy city digital platform in the 2.2 km area near Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad. The digital zone will include smart Wi-Fi, smart lighting, smart waste management, smart parking, remote expert for government services, traffic analytics at key junctions, smart environmental sensors and a smart control center to monitor and manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

To roll out of city services across the Telangana state effectively, the company will also collaborate with local ecosystem solution providers to build a scalable model. Cisco’s global expertise and intellectual property will be utilised in the project to effectively implement the application in various areas of IoT, mobile technology, cloud computing, data analytics, social media among other things. It will also collaborate with the state for the upcoming smart cities in Telangana.

The Mou will be a deciding factor on how digitisation will be a key for cities, communities and countries to maintain global competitiveness, increase GDP growth, foster innovation and create new jobs, said Cisco president Dinesh Malkani.

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