Vadodara police on a digital drive


Vadodara Police is on a major digital drive these days. All the paper files and documents at the Police Bhavan are being digitised.

“Many rooms were filled up with very old files and documents. We are removing all the unnecessary documents and organizing the important ones. The idea is to ensure that the staff has a clean workplace so that it motivates them work more productively,” said city police commissioner, Manoj Sashidhar in conversation with The Times of India.
Several rooms in the Police Bhavan are being emptied to make room for police personnel.
Documents of Modus Operandi Branch (MOB) on the fifth floor is also being computerised.
“Cupboards full of records are being emptied and every document is being made digital. The room too will be refurbished,” said Sashidhar.
The registry branch of the police is also planning to digitise its documents to save funds.
Major infrastructural changes have also been done to the Police Bhavan giving it a corporate look.
Automatic doors have been installed at the central surveillance room which can only be accessed by staffers.
Feeds from different police stations are monitored at this room and the data is stored. Their is a plan to remodel the control room as well.
They are also developing a new emergency service so that call dropping is reduced.

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