New initiatives for plastic waste management: Thripunithura Municipality

With the onset of banning plastic from January 1, the Thripunithura municipality has taken up this initiative on a serious note. Notwithstanding, organic waste management has been left to occupants as the district has not done any review on what number of family units are utilizing legitimate waste administration strategies.

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Once the ban is in place, the municipality would not be able to use any of its funds for plastic waste management, said municipal vice chairman O.V. Salim. The funds for paying workers who collect plastic waste would have to be raised from the community itself, he added.

However, the municipality would have to continue with the collection of plastic waste for some time till the use of plastic in daily life was considerably reduced, said Mr. Salim.

For assortment, most wards have recognized two people to gather plastic waste from all houses once per month. Every one of those recognized for plastic assortment have been given preparing in bunches by Suchitwa Mission in a wide range of waste administration and would be known as the Suchitwa Karma Sena. As plastic was being allowed in many packagings, the only aspect where reduction would happen was through the use of a carry bag, which would be a good beginning, he added.

Problems were going to arise when new workers appointed in each ward found disparity in income from a nominal salary they would get from the municipality compared to the fee collected directly from householders, said Mr. Arun.

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