Police to use Facial Recognition System to identify criminals in Jaipur

To keep an eye on anti-social elements, Rajasthan Police will use Facial Recognition System (FRS) in Jaipur.

The new software will help the Police Control Room (PCR) to keep an eye on anti-social elements, especially in large crowds.
In the first phase, the FRS cameras have been set up outside the Ganesh Temple at Moti Doongri.

“The system has a database of serial offenders and other suspects, if they pass in front of these cameras, the software would run a facial match and alert the police control room,” said a police official.

The FRS has been installed at the Jaipur police’s command and control centre called Abahay which has been made operational recently.

“The facial recognition tool is currently under development, we are feeding details into its database so that it can identify the suspect,” the police official said.

Currently, the system shows match in ‘facial percentage.”

“The software scans a person’s face; then tests it with the database and shows how much a particular person’s face has been matched with the suspect. If facial outlines of suspect and the person match upto 65 percent, then we can send an alert to cops on the ground,” the official said.

At the control centre, there is a separate screen which keeps on running facial scans.
“Sometimes a face is matched from 30 percent to as high as 54 percent. The software would also help us to feed the details of the missing person so that they can be identified in large crowds,” the police said.

 The new system will help in tracking missing children as well.
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