Dell EMC forges deal with Prysm Inc for smart cities

Dell EMC has partnered with Prysm Inc, a cloud-based solutions-provider for smart city opportunities in India.

Under this partnership, smart cities’ command and control centre implementations and dashboards will be provided by Prysm.

“While Dell has the competencies to develop a strong digital blueprint and foundation for smart cities, our partners bring expertise of applications for enablement of smart services,” said Ravinder P Singh, Director (Strategic and Mega Business) Dell EMC.

Prysm’s large format content collaboration and mobile solution will allow smart cities to have individual dashboards for each of the utilities and provide an opportunity to consolidate all utility parameters into a single, unified dashboard, in real-time.

“Smart city mission requires government and leadership at all levels to work transparently and in real-time for ensuring ongoing success. Strategic ecosystem partnerships are crucial to ensuring success of India’s smart city vision. We believe our joint solutions have the potential to change the way cities are managed and safeguarded during the entire life cycle. We hope to be able to address India’s smart city needs with this partnership,” said Kumar GB, vice president, Asia Pacific, Prysm Inc.

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