D-Link making Tamil Nadu’s Registrar office corruption-free

D-Link, a global leader in business networking, has created a self-sustainable smart governance office in Tamil Nadu, which weeds out middlemen at Registrar’s office, making the smart governance system effective in the State.

“The map based solution helps the officer to reach any other related office by a click of a button. The officer can also monitor the activities happening in these sub-offices. The application also created a fear psychosis among the middlemen,” said Piyush Garud, General Manager, Solution Consultant D-Link, while speaking at the Smart City Conclave, Chandigarh, held on July 28-29.

One of the major challenges Indian Smart Cities are facing is the implementation of city wi-fi solutions. D-Link, while working with NTT Japan, realised that city w-fi projects can be successful if collaborative wi-fi is taken into consideration.

Garud observed that ” a business model can be weaved around technology partners who have better wi-fi solutions.”

“In the case of NTT, a cloud based solution allowed the consumers to provide access points, working just like a simple smartphone. After regsitering at the centre, it will create two segments. One segment will be for public and other segment will be for private use,” added Garud.

This technology allows shopkeepers, business owners to use the bandwidth and also allow them to lend it to others. They can provide the free wi-fi either free or charge them accordingly.

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