River Noyyal Rejuvenation Project work begins in Coimbatore

SP Velumani, Municipal Administration Minister, on June 5, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the River Noyyal Rejuvenation Project worth Rs 230 crore. V Jayaraman, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly; K Rajamani, Collector, Coimbatore, members from Legislative Assembly and officials were also present at the occasion.

River Noyyal

According to a district administration release, the minister said that Coimbatore would get Rs 174 crore of the Rs 230 crore to rejuvenate the 72 km stretch of the river. The rest of the money would go to Tiruppur and Erode districts.

The district authorities would be carrying out repairs, re-construction and concrete lining of the subsystems of 18 anicuts (small dam-like structure to manage the flow for irrigation purposes). The subsystem includes 22 tanks, their inlet channels, sluices at the mouth of the inlet channels, sand vents at the anicuts and shutters used for letting water to agriculture lands, the release added. Moreover, under the project, the administration would create new check dams, dredge channels, tanks and remove bushes. The works to ensure that domestic and industrial sewage do not enter the river system.

Also, the district authorities would form a committee to oversee the work which will include officials from the Public Works Department’s Water Resource Organisation, Revenue Department, local bodies, farmers’ associations’ leaders and members of NGOs.

Tiruppur and Erode districts with Coimbatore forms Kongu belt which would gain from the River Rejuvenation Project as this would add to the groundwater table level and will also enhance the quality of water.

Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly V. Jayaraman, Collector K. Rajamani, members of the Legislative Assembly and officials were present at the inauguration.

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