ICCC To Soon Be Executed Under Shillong Smart City Project

Shillong Smart City Project

The Integrated Command & Control Center (ICCC) under the Shillong Smart City Project, funded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India, is nearing completion. Contrary to claims made in a recent social media post that suggested Rs 150 crore was allocated solely for installing 300 CCTVs, the entire ICCC project is receiving an allocation of Rs 151.77 crore.

This comprehensive ICCC project, which is being implemented city-wide as part of the Shillong Smart City initiative, includes several critical components: the ICCC Building, the ICCC Platform along with other software, a Data Centre (DC), and a Radio Frequency Network (RF NW).

Beyond these primary elements, Shillong City is set to experience significant technological advancements by installing various field devices. These devices include 368 CCTV cameras for surveillance and traffic management, 42 Emergency Call Boxes (ECB), 58 Public Address Systems (PAS), 20 Variable Message Displays (VMDs), 300 streetlights equipped with LED/Smart Lights and Light Point Controllers (LPC), 60 Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, GPS-based vehicle tracking for 50 Solid Waste Management (SWM) vehicles, and 200 Smart Bins.

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The ICCC is envisioned as the central hub or “brain” for city planning and operations. It will integrate and streamline various city functions, including surveillance, data processing, emergency response coordination, and the implementation of smart city applications. This development promises to enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of Shillong’s urban management and services, marking a significant leap towards a smarter and more connected city.