‘Hybrid Cloud is taking over the world’

While public cloud do offer public demand and control, Hybrid Cloud popularity is growing in Smart Cities sphere due to its offering of more control and command to the stakeholders involved. Hybrid cloud is giving best of both the clouds-public and private, feels Girish Sharma, Deputy General Manager, Products and Services, Netmagic Solution.

Participating in the Smart City Conclave, Chandigarh, Sharma emphasised the need to move the Smart Cities projects on hybrid cloud due to lot of ‘data centres and peaks coming together.’

” In the coming years, lot of e-governance projects will come up and take the peak demands in the market which can be easily be handled by hybrid cloud,” added Sharma.

Netmagic is hosing 2,000 plus customers. They are working with various State and Central Government extensively. It not only provides dats centre servies but also host of services related to cloud and security.

Netmagic data centres were working in hard conditions like 2005 Mumbai floods.

“We are constantly evolving with the hybrid cloud. We also offer disaster recovery site so that data can be recovered even in the times of a calamity,” he added.


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