Going green to beat the blues

ravi-2014Unprecedented urbanisation that India has been a witness to over the last a few decades has brought along some never-before infrastructure-related challenges to the cities, with urban housing problem being just one of the several. The picture of people packed in city slums under unhygienic conditions amply reflects on the inadequate housing infrastructure to support the burgeoning urban populace that continues to swell with every passing day.

In such a scenario, having a government that talks of focussing on the need to erect more and more urban infrastructure, and creating ‘100 Smart Cities’ and ‘Twin Cities’ to accommodate the continuous inflow of people from far-flung areas looks nothing short of a godsend piece of luck. And, given the track record of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one feels inclined to believe that the end to most of the urban woes could be just round the  corner. So, fingers crossed there.

Treating the need to raise and upgrade infrastructure with utmost sincerity, we dedicate the current issue of The ICE Connect to the Construction Equipment industry, and the shapers and promoters of the Green Cities concept: while the CE industry supplies us with the high-end machinery to shape the city infrastructure, the creators of Green Cities help make that development sustainable and urban space a better place to live in.

As an offshoot of the urge to see a more liveable planet and to stress on the need for optimum use of the fast depleting natural resources, we felt impelled to come up with an occasion like “The Green Cities Forum 2014”. Conservation of available resources – so that something is left for the future generations as well – requires sustainable construction solutions, wherein eco-friendliness is the cornerstone of all developmental activities. The Forum is part of our effort to provide a meaningful platform to the distinct array of experts involved in the Green Building movement and out there with a commitment to change the face of construction in the country.

In a recent speech, when PM Modi said urbanization should not be treated as a problem, but an opportunity to create more and more infrastructure, he probably also hinted at the employment generation potential of such an exercise, to take the nation on the path of growth and prosperity. Let’s wish, pray and contribute towards realization of his vision.

Ravi Gupta

Eletsonline News
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