Elets announces 4th Annual Smart City Conference, Awards & Expo

smarcity 2015With a keen eye on blending best technology solutions with fresh talent and investments, Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd is presenting the 4th Annual Smart City Conference, Awards & Expo on 17th July, 2015 to prepare a roadmap for Smart Cities in the country.

The Government of India has envisioned development of ‘100 Smart Cities’ in the country to take care of growing needs of urbanisation and bridge the rural-urban divide. A Smart City should be able to provide good infrastructure, such as sanitation, water, reliable utility services, healthcare, education, security, ease of business, transparent processes, citizen-centric services, etc.

The conference will bring together government officials, investors, industry leaders and experts to discuss and exchange ideas, information, solutions, etc., on the opportunities and future requirements for making the ambitious Smart City initiative a reality.

Key Features:

  • Conference & Exhibition: The twin platforms with give exposure to Innovative ideas, Products and Solutions
  • Awards: Ambitious strategies, cutting-edge technologies, innovative projects and initiatives will be recognised and felicitated


Deliberations: To harness the opportunities

Ideation: On comprehensive framework for action

Networking: To boost business

Key Discussion Topics:

  1. Current trends in Smart City
  2. Government’s perspective
  3. Development of Smart Cities
  4. Disaster Management
  5. Financing Smart City Initiatives
  6. Transport and Mobility Intelligence
  7. Smart Grid and Energy
  8. Networking and Communication
  9. Intelligent Master Planning
  10. Intelligent Social Infrastructure
  11. Development of Energy Efficient Buildings
  12. Clean Energy Solutions for Smart Cities – Renewable
  13. Major key initiatives taken in India for developing smart buildings
  14. Various Intelligent and Green lighting technologies
  15. How to develop more energy-efficient management system for an organisation or factory
  16. Renewable energy harvesting through rooftop solar power generation
  17. Waste water handling and management
  18. Optimal use of electric energy as demand for electric power increase
  19. Global Best Practices in Smart Cities
  20. Indian Smart City initiatives

eGov Special Edition

eGov magazine will come up with a special issue focusing the Smart City concept, featuring interviews of key stakeholders from the Government as well as the Industry, special articles on various aspects of developing smart cities, etc.

For details, pls visit https://smartcity.eletsonline.com/2015

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