Cisco initiates ‘Smart City’ project for Digital India


To help the Government convert the country into a Digital India, Cisco recently announced in Bangalore the “Cisco Smart City” as a blueprint for the future of smart and connected communities in India.

The Cisco Smart City, unveiled along with the announcement of the next phase of the company’s India site, symbolizes what the digitization of a country means for the future of work, education, healthcare and the electronic delivery of citizen services.

As part of the inauguration, Cisco demonstrated the possibilities of the Government’s Digital India programme where infrastructure would be offered as a utility to every citizen, governance and services would be on demand and citizens would be digitally empowered.

Using the Internet of Everything, Cisco showcased how connected education, connected healthcare, smart buildings, connected transport, and smart parking can transform the way cities and communities are designed, built and renewed to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Spread over 2.6 million square feet, and designed as a campus-as-a-city for thousands of Cisco employees to work, play and learn, the Cisco Smart City is a spectacular showcase of how a pervasive physical network infrastructure can easily connect to devices (such as sensors, information access points and mobile devices) and with a high degree of security.

The Cisco Smart City also demonstrated how intelligent networks could enable digitally empowered citizens through the availability of government services in real time, online and on mobile platforms.