Arunachal Pradesh Government initiative on Smart Village

Smart-villageThe Arunachal Pradesh government has united on an agreement with Andhra Pradesh to aid technological and innovation benefits with research development in some villages of north-east states. In the presence of Chief Minister Prema Khandu, Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein among other officials, the directive was signed yesterday by director-cum-member secretary of State Council for IT & e-Governance, Neelam Yapin Tana, and SVM project director Shreya Evani.

The aim of project is to emphasize issues on solving ‘pain points’ or challenges in rural segment by developing innovative podium that helps them to get educated with various technical taboos.

Solomon Darwin, the brain behind the Smart Village Movement, will mentor to the core team of project.

According to awareness and research project director Evani, “The first six months will be occupied to make the key team and finish the ground work.”

“At the initial stage, there is need to select 100 villages that have spread over 60 assembly constituencies will  conference with government for the SVM project. Also advertisements have been published in local newspapers for recruitment of key team members” said Evani the director.

The key aim of project is to highlight the challenges faced by villages via digital podium, and that will be retrieved by universities and research institutes across the globe in order to suggest solutions.

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