Award Categories

This pioneering initiative recognizes the most ambitious Smart City strategies, advanced projects around the world fostering the development of the Smart City concept.

  1. Best Smart City Initiative – This category invites application from all the government departments/ Private/ public sectors who aid to develop sustainable/ clean energy solutions.
  1. Smart Urban Development Initiative – This category invites application from all public, private organizations & government departments who help to integrate the infrastructure, urban development, mobility, ICT, energy and health sectors for sustainable economic growth.
  1. Smart Urban Transport Initiative – This category invites application from all the organizations/sectors/departments which integrate executives from the Forum’s Industry Partnership programs in mobility (automotive, aviation, and logistics), energy (oil and gas, utilities, alternatives) and chemicals. The project explores in-depth three specific areas at the intersection of mobility and energy: Alternate Fuels, Energy Efficiency, and the Electrification of Transportation.
  1. Smart Infrastructure Initiative – This category invites application from different organizations who develop “Smart infrastructure solutions” that will underpin a more competitive economy and improve livability for the society.
  1. The Best Green Field Smart City – This category invites application from those organizations which are providing smart solutions in a previously vacant area in and around cities, using innovative planning, plan financing and plan implementation tools with provision for affordable housing and other amenities.
  1. Smart City Surveillance Initiative – This category invites application from all the organizations which will provide wireless networks and distributed sensor platforms from video surveillance to meteorological stations, monitoring flows from traffic to sewerage and providing information in real-time or in anticipation of risks. These have been extended from small projects for example, shopping / business complexes with integrated building control systems combining video surveillance, fire detection and crowd flow monitoring or other kinds of customer tracking, through larger but temporary initiatives like the command and control systems established for sports mega-events, to permanent whole-city initiatives.
  1. Smart Technology for Smart City – This category invites application from the organizations/departments which use digital technologies to enhance performance and well-being, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. Key ‘smart’ sectors include transport, energy, healthcare, water and waste. A smart city should be able to respond faster to city and global challenges than one with a simple ‘transactional’ relationship with its citizens.
  1. Smart Health Project – This category invites application from the institutes/ organizations which will initiate different Smart HEALTH solutions by developing highly intelligent diagnostic technologies that are fully integrated into healthcare system, optimizing their impact in management and work practice. Driven by key targeted applications in diagnostics.
  1. Smart CSR Initiative – CSR is a way through which an organisation achieves a balance of economic, social and environmental imperatives, while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. This category invites nominations for initiatives which are positively impacting the life of the people.
  1. Smart Urban Traffic management initiative – This category invites application from all the organizations which will provide solutions/services such as network management, public transport priority, safety, punctuality and international traffic. As safety is a very broad area, it is only covered very selectively where it directly relates to traffic management, for instance speed management. Similarly, infrastructure pricing is a form of transport management. Traffic management is the planning, monitoring and control or influencing of traffic.
  1. Smart Municipality/Municipal Corporation Initiative – This category invites application from municipalities in order to support the development and implementation of new smart city solutions. An initiative highlighted by the network as smart city flagship project is the online publication of Municipality generated data.
  1. Smart Public-Private Partnership Initiative – It has been given for the government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of government and one or more private sector companies which work to develop the infrastructure of a city.
  1. Smart Waste Management Initiative – It has been given to an organization/department for the recognition of work program and facilities with environmentally and economically sound solid waste management practices.
  1. Smart Security Initiative – The category invites applications from security companies/ organisations/ institutions to nominate their product/company with details of innovative features and functions that make them unique in the market. The award will recognize the company/product for its exceptional security applications.
  1. Smart Governance Initiative – The category invites application from government’s policies and initiatives that aim to harness collaborative technologies to create an open-source computing platform in which government, citizens, and innovative companies can improve transparency and efficiency.
  1. Smart Real Estate Project – The category invites application from the major real estate organizations and government departments which has been taken different initiatives to develop a smart city.
  1. Smart Education Initiative – The category invites application from the institutions (Public & private)/ government departments which has taken innovative initiatives to increase the reach for masses.
  1. Smart Banking & Finance Initiative – The category invites application from banking /financial institutions or government departments for the initiatives taken by them to improve the service quality by making them more citizens centric.
  1. Smart Building Initiative – This category invites application from public/private firms or government departments which have developed a technology enabled energy efficient building.
  1. Smart Utilities Initiative – This category invites application for Utilities which has provided various solutions like smart grid and smart metering.
  1. Smart Energy Initiative – This category invites application for all the organizations public/private and the initiatives taken by government to provide clean energy efficient solutions.
  1. Smart Street Lighting Solutions – This category invites application from all the organizations which will provide the energy efficient less power consuming lighting system and energy storage devices while developing a city.
  1. Energy Asset management Initiative – This category invites application from the organizations/departments which are using the entire energy resource asset management to use all the resources optimally.
  1. Smart Government Service Delivery – Smart Government Service Delivery – This category will recognize the effort of various government department providing services to citizen with the help of ICT.
  1. Smart Policing Initiative – This category invites applications from law enforcement agencies which are building evidence-based, data-driven law enforcement tactics and strategies that are effective, efficient and economical in reducing crimes and increasing public safety under criminogenic circumstances.